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5 must try poses when using an Acupuncture mat

5 must try poses when using an Acupuncture mat

When using the zen mat most believe it can only be used on their back. Well, this article will show 5 of the must-try poses for your acupuncture mat guaranteed to stimulate various muscle and tension points around your body.



1. Neck & Back

This is the most common pose when using an acupuncture mat. Simply lie down with your back on the mat and pillow supporting your neck.

Benefit areas
neck, back, and shoulders



2. Quads

Relaxing and stretching out your quads is essential especially after a long day of sitting in the office or maybe even if you are looking for some pain relief after your gym workout. The below image shows one of the most popular poses for using the acupuncture mat on your quads.

Benefit areas
Quads , Hips



3. Outer Thighs 

Outer thighs is not a body part that people usually would think of when talking about acupuncture. However, this position is one of our favorites and can really stimulate relaxation in your legs and lower body.

Benefit areas
Outer Thighs, Legs



4.Chest & Abdomen 

This one is for people with a little more experience using the acupuncture mat. Simply reverse the standard back pose and remove the pillow. Start off slow and work up your time and feel the pain and stress melt away. 

Benefit areas
Chest, abdomen, hips, top of legs 



5. Glutes  

Last but by no means least is our glutes position. Again its very simple sit with your legs flat on the acupuncture mat. TOP TIP You can also move the mat close to a wall to allow back support when working your glutes.

Benefit areas
Glutes, Back of legs