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7 benefits of using an acupuncture mat

7 benefits of using an acupuncture mat

1.Effective Natural Pain Relief

Acupuncture's main benefit is that is can provide natural pain relief from the comfort of your own home.

With 191 million opioid prescriptions dispensed in 2017, and the US government declaring it a public health emergency, anything that can help naturally manage pain is sure to be desirable.

A study in 2014 looked at all the research associated with acupressure and pain. Findings were overwhelmingly positive and showed that acupressure was useful for a variety of different types of pain.

The reports showed a hypothesis that Acupuncture should be considered by any professional looking to manage pain relief.


2. More Energy

Acupressure has been demonstrated to assist with fatigue and to increase vitality levels.

An experimental analysis at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan, focused on patients suffering from hepatocellular carcinoma.

Studies have shown that fatigue can be improved by acupuncture, and it was recommended that instructional guides should be made to assist patients to take advantage of the treatment.


3. Better nights sleep

Are you struggling with sleep? Try laying on a zen mat for 10 minutes a day if Counting sheep is doing nothing for you. It stimulates acupressure points and relaxes muscles. This means that you will help aid you to drift off to dreamland and sleep.

Better nights sleep


4. Reduces stress and anxiety

A significant study in 2015 found that anxiety depression and stress can be influenced by acupressure. Subjects were given treatment three times a week, and the outcomes were favorable. It was found to significantly reduce depression, tension, and anxiety.

Increased energy 

5. It's Cost-effective

The Zen mat is not only cost-effective to buy with the mat and acupuncture pillow included. It can also help you save money by not having to visit expensive GPs Chiropractors or masseuse. These visits alone can cost you 100s of dollars, so why not get all three straight to your home in the form of a Zen Acupuncture mat.


6. Home Massages

The zen mat works as your very own personal home masseuse. Using different poses, you can target different areas of your body to get a deep tissue massage. Most popular areas include the neck, back, glutes and feet and people love the relaxation sensation and tension realize the acupuncture mat provides


7. Portability

Unlike traditional forms of acupuncture, the zen mat can be packed up into tits carry bag in less than 2 minutes. This allows you to take it anywhere you like with ease. Take it to the gym, a retreat away, or even to a beautiful quiet spot outside and feel the zen anywhere you want.