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Are acupuncture mats safe to use ?

Are acupuncture mats safe to use ?

At first glance, an acupressure mat might not look super secure. These foam pads are covered with thousands of plastic needles. It is natural for people to worry that using one will be painful or even dangerous.

Although acupuncture mats and acupressure may seem dangerous they're actually perfectly safe. Heres an overview of exactly what acupressure mats are and a guide on how to use them correctly.


What exactly are Acupressure Zen Mats?


Acupressure mats are watertight mats, usually about the size and thickness of a yoga mat. Except instead of a flat surface mats are covered with thousands of short needles made from hard plastic. You feel them, while the needles aren't sharp enough to pierce the skin.

So, how do plastic needles assist your health? A mat is merely one way to perform therapy. Acupressure treatment is a holistic health clinic that has been used around the world for thousands of years.

Fundamentally, acupressure involves manipulating various pressure points on the body. Small, certain places are pressed. There are many ways to apply, including using the palms, elbows, massage equipment, and also, of course, acupressure.

Acupuncture Mat

What is Acupressure? 


Acupressure, a hands-on treatment, is employed to specific"trigger points" within the body. On the physical level, acupressure impacts Pain, blood circulation, and other physiological parameters. Yet traditional Oriental recovery believes that by stimulating these"trigger points," it releases energy or unblocks Qi, leading to healing and health.

On a scientific level, researchers find that acupressure and acupuncture cause the body to release monoamines and endorphins, compounds that block pain signals in the brain and the spinal cord. The endorphin system is made up of compounds that regulate the activity of a group of nerve cells within the brain that relax dull pain, muscles and reduce anxiety and panic. The system can also lower blood pressure and lower the workload of the heart. These touch therapies may also trigger the release of hormones, such as serotonin, a brain chemical that makes you feel calm and serene, in addition to the chemical known as cortisol. With acupressure, not only are you currently benefiting from touching the things, but you gain from being touched with decreased stress and greater circulation.

About 1500 trigger points are located all over the meridians. They refer recovery to another region of the body After the practitioner touches one of these factors. For example, a stage on your toe is used to treat toothaches and headaches; a point close to your elbow helps to improve immune function.

During therapy, each stage is held with a continuous pressure for one to three minutes, utilizing balls or the tips of the fingers or thumb. If the acupressure point is sensitive or tender, this signals that the meridian (energy pathway or channel) is blocked. During the treatment, this tenderness should dissipate as the station becomes unblocked and energy flows.


How to Safely use A Zen mat


We highly suggest wearing a t-shirt or placing a towel or sheet over the mat to decrease the degree of the pinpoints, if it's your first time employing an acupressure mat. As you get more experienced, you will have the ability to use the mat right in your skin (which is the recommended method).

The first thing you want to do is simply lay the mat on a flat and even surface. This could be in your bed, on the sofa, or on the ground. To create more comfortable if using the mat on the ground, you may want to put a yoga mat or rug under the mat. Don't hesitate to use props such as yoga bolsters or pillows to cushion your legs or head.

Lay down, positioning your back evenly. As needed to locate a comfy position, Don't hesitate to change your body. If you want to target your back, bend your knees or prop them up.

The spikes might feel embarrassing, so give it a little bit of time to allow your body to adapt. Place on it to feel rejuvenated and energized or to get 20-40 minutes to feel calm once it begins to feel great and relaxed. Listen to help keep track of the moment, or it helps to specify a timer.


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