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Should I use bare skin or with clothing is it more effective with bare skin?

You can use the mat on your bare skin however if you need to create a barrier using a cloth or item of clothing when just beginning you can also do that.

Is the cover removable?

Yes the cover is removable and is held together using velcro strips to easy open and close.

Can you remove the foam and wash the covers of the mat and pillow?

Yes the covers can be removed however you cannot put the covers in the washing machine as this will damage the acu points . we recommend washing with a damp cloth and then leaving to dry before use.

Can the pillow be used for your lumbar section as well?

Yes the pillow can be used here and any where that you can gain comfort from.

Can you put your feet on it to stimulate them?

Yes this is one of the most popular ways to use the Zen Mat. This will help with relaxation and aches on your feet after a long day.

Do you have to be lying down? Has anyone used it in a recliner or adjustable bed? I can't lie flat easily.

You do not have to be lying down you can use the mat where ever you feel comfortable. some of our customer even use the zen mat on their sofa.

Can I use them on the bed while sleeping? 

We do not recommend to fall asleep using the zen mat. You can lay the mat on your bed but please do not sleep on it. 



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